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13 мая, 2017
What do you need to rent a storage unit

Here’s a list of all the things to consider when looking to rent a storage unit

Here’s a list of what you actually will need when renting a self-storage unit.

Whether you are moving home, de-cluterring or simply need some extra storage space; A storage unit will always be handy. It’s a fairly easy concept; you rent a room of a certain size with a local self-storage company for as long as you want. But, when signing up at the company’s headquarters, what do you need to rent a storage unit?

  1. An understanding of when you will need self-storage

Self-storage facilities can get busy at certain times of the year (in particular summer as people tend to move then). Have an idea of when you need to rent a storage unit from and put down a deposit on a room. That will stop you from looking for a storage unit when it’s close to moving day!

  1. You should know how much space you need.

    If you are unsure speak to the facility and give them a run down of what you are looking to store. Write a list of the items you are looking to store. We offer a few videos (below) which give a run down of average storage capacity of the different size units. We have some mini storage locker units coming soon as well.

  1. Identification – take some proof of ID

Yep, self storage in West Yorkshire (and most other places) requires you to bring at least some form of ID for business protection. It also helps us get down your details and make the self store process faster.

  1. Deposit – Halifax Storage UK take one month storage costs as a deposit

A deposit should never exceed the value of one month of storage (different rules apply for business storage). So remember to factor in the price of a deposit when putting together the things you need to rent a storage unit and getting quotes for storage unit prices per month. Public storage costs should never be complicated.

  1. Padlock (Important when answering; what do you need to rent a storage unit)

Bring your own padlock and if you don’t have one, simply ask any of the staff at self-storage Halifax UK and we can point you to the best place to buy one (from us of course, we’re not biased !). It doesn’t matter if you have small storage units or big – you should be the only key holder to your self storage units. Your rooms should be considered personal storage units.

  1. Insurance

We don’t insist on insurance like other organisations. But …. We would recommend it! Phone up your insurance provider and let them know what you are planning to do. Self storage insurance start from about 50p a week (2017 prices). We will offer our own insurance options soon.

Hopefully this has answered your question, ‘What do you need to rent a storage unit?’

But if not feel free to get in touch via our contact us page.

[Author; Vik HSUK]

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