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15 августа, 2017
Picture of a Yorkshire Bar

All moved in? Time to de-stress…

Welcome to Halifax, if you are a tourist looking to explore beautiful landmarks or a new resident. This guide is about to show you how to crunk (not drunk) in the hills of West Yorkshire.

Here is the list of some bars where you can enjoy a drink once you all your things have been moved from storage into your new home.

1.    Gin Lane:

Gin Lane is the perfect place to enjoy high quality beer in a peaceful environment. It is present inside the building of The Piece Hall and offers quality service to visitors. It’s a decent celebration of gin and the patrons give it a relaxed yet upbeat ambience. The café is open throughout the week from morning till midnight – allowing you to dedicate some real time to mother ruin. This Gin joint can be booked out for occasions and they offer a large variety of beer such as Solitaire Blonde, Monkey 47 and Guinness. Give it a try– you might just be hooked.

2.    Victorian Craft Beer Café:

Atmosphere, atmosphere and more atmosphere. The VCBC It is a great place to have beer, and features an attractive interior and a fabulous environment. The bar offers a wide range of varieties along with cheeky samples to make the choice easy for the visitors. The bar started its operations just a few years ago, but it has already gained popularity due to amazing service. It is situated next to the Victoria Theatre and offers secluded chambers for spending some quiet time. Give these guys a chance and have a Duvel on us.

3.    Shibden Mill Inn:

Shibden Mill Inn one of the coziest places in halifax with many options of ale to choose from. High quality service with good beer has made it the top choice of a lot of local people. They offer value for money and great selection. The Shibden Mill Inn is worth a visit for its log fires alone. It was awarded the 2011 Pub of the Year.

4.    The Pump Room Micro Pub:

Despite its small size, The Pump Room Micro Pub is a wicked spot to kick back and enjoy a cold one. The friendly environment and efficient service seals the experience and it’s a pub that’s family run (like us). It is located near the center of the town and offers a large variety of beers and liquors to visitors. It is a small place that is usually crowded with regular local visitors. Although the place opened up just a few months ago, it is gaining a local underground cult following.

5.    Evokesomm:

The Evokesomm Bar & Kitchen offers self-serving system for drinks. It’s a place you need to experience. The industry leading machines in this place maintain the quality, color and taste of wine. Because of the technology these guys have, it allows you to experience specialty wines by the glass and not just by the bottle. You can choose from a large variety of drinks and enjoy your drink outdoors. The outdoor setting is covered so that people can sit outside regardless of the weather conditions. It is suitable for people of all ages so grab the family and de stress.

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