Affordable and Secure Self Storage Units

Affordable and secure self storage units

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Halifax Storage UK aims to provide the Halifax community in West Yorkshire with low priced, affordable storage units and storage space. We are one of the original storage companies in Halifax and do everything we can to make sure that our customers leave us feeling reassured and happy. It’s always a complement when we have repeat customers or when our competitors try to mimic our approach.

Outstanding customer experience is at the very core of how we run Halifax storage UK. We do everything possible to make sure our customers feel like they have made the right decision when they decide to store their valuable possessions in our self-storage facility. Being a family run business, we know that the only way our business can continue to be viable in this trying global time is by providing an impeccable service. We look to improve at every stage of the way. We take what our customers say about our storage service very seriously. Let us know if we can make your life any easier when you need to use us. Not being a large storage chain means we are open to make changes quickly and can help out where you need us. From advising on moving companies to helping to you put things in the boot of your car.

Of course, one of the most pressing things when it comes to storage units is security. Our storage unit facility is designed for storage security . Our alarm system is externally monitored and redlined. We have a 24 hr CCTV system in place and go out of our way to make sure that the property is well maintained.

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